Creating Our Bridge Of Light With The Angels​

May 6 & 7, 2023
Online Livestream or Mexico City

You will learn so much about Angels and how easily they can help you feel BLESSED, SUPPORTED, LOVED and ELATED.

AmaYa Kumara

AmaYa Kumara

Lelama Sjamar

Lelama Sjamar

Qala Phoenix

Qala Phoenix

Join AmaYa Kumara, Lelama Sjamar and Qala Phoenix, 3 Spiritual Teachers from The Divine University

In collaboration and co-creation with our Family of Light

May 6 & 7
Mexico City or
Online Livestream via Zoom


Be Blessed by 1000’s of Angels

Creating our Bridge of Light with the Angels is a 2 day journey of connection with thousands of Angels. Over this weekend retreat, you will receive 17 unique sessions and be bathed in Angelic energy to the core of your being to experience pure love and feel uplifted to experience your highest state of energy.

Imagine 48 hours of receiving divine energy, light and love to help you feel your greater form. Imagine heavy energies, doubts, worries and negative energy being lifted from you. Imagine completing the weekend uplifted and elevated.

You may wish to sign up as an individual or as a small group or family and spend the weekend deeply transforming how you feel, simply by listening as the 3 Teachers of The Divine University bring many different kinds of Angels to visit you. It will be easy, feel amazing and almost magical. You will learn so much about Angels and how easily they can help you feel BLESSED, SUPPORTED, LOVED and ELATED.

The only thing you need to do is say yes, and sign up!
The Angels will do all the work for you!

There is nothing more amazing and easy than spending 2 days

Suitable for every member of your family & friends (15 years and over)

There are Zoom replays if you are unable to attend live

What is so Special & Unique about this Weekend Retreat?

This journey is so unique as there is no other weekend retreat anywhere in the world where you can connect with this many different kinds of Angels, receive their visitations, auspicious blessings and divine energy for 48 hours. It is so unique as you can receive it from the comfort of your own home or in person, via live attendance with the teachers.

You will be visited and blessed by 17 different groups of Angelic Beings of Light.

    • The Angels of Love & The Angels of Peace & The Angels of Grace
    • The Angels of Freedom & The Angels of Faith & The Angels of Forgiveness
    • The Angels of Compassion & The Angels of Divinity
    • The Angels of Healing & The Angels of Truth & The Angels of Expansion
    • The Angels of Oneness & The Angels of Joy and Harmony
    • The Angels of Clarity & The Angels of Liberty
    • The Angels of Transformation & Angels of the Earth

This event has been especially created for you, your family and your community dear heart. This event is designed:

1. In service to your Higher Quality of Life – For your personal upliftment.

As you rest in your Angelic Bridge of Light you will receive 12-14 hours of Angelic Contact and the blessings, meditations, teachings, healings of Archangel Michael, Christ, Mary and the Angels. You will receive a profound form of support to raise your Quality of Life & Personal Well-Being.

A Group of 33 Angels will be assigned to you personally, for the entire 48 hours of your Journey into the Angelic Bridge of Light. They will be with you and travel with you wherever you go, infusing you with the most beautiful coloured waves of divine energy for 48 hours.

2. In service to your Family – Blessings will fill every member of your Family’s homes.

As you journey through the 2 days, you will represent every member of your family and be a Bridge of Light for them to the Angels. Every person joining this gathering may collect photos of their family members and place each of their names, birthdates and addresses on the back of their photos. During each special meditation, blessing, healing and teaching session, every person is asked to light a candle beside their group of photos to hold the light for each family member.

The Angels will be visiting each of these family members over the 2 days. Their homes will be infused with Angelic energy and the relationships between family members will be blessed and cleansed to alleviate stresses, fears or tensions in the environment of family members. These special sessions offer the blessings, healing and consecration of your family as a beacon of love, trust, peace and harmonious collaboration in our world. The angels will lighten, cleanse and bless their homes.

3. In service to your Community – An Angelic Pillar of Light will anchor to bless your Community

Through your sacred participation during this 2 day experience, your community will be gifted with an Angelic Pillar of Light. As you rest for 48 hours in your personal Angelic Bridge of Light, you will also be supporting the Angels, Christ, Mary & Archangel Michael to form and weave your community’s Angelic Pillar of Light.

As this pillar is activated by the Angel of your community and the land where you live, it will transmit angelic energy for 7 days and 7 nights in a radius of up to 20 miles through the field and heart of your community to support the cleansing, lightening and upliftment of the environmental energies. This can help raise the community spirit in support of togetherness, care, cooperation, sharing and unification and revitalize the heart of your beloved community.

How to receive the Highest Level of Angelic Support if you cannot join live.

Beloved heart, if you register and are unable to receive the 17 sessions live online, you will receive 14 hours of audio recordings in the order they need to be received so you may take your angelic journey through all of the 17 sessions.

It is recommended that you choose to listen to the audio program when you have 2 free days available and you are able to enjoy the program and the 48 hour divine experience of being in an Angelic Bridge of Light. If you set aside 2 days of your time, you will have plenty of time to enjoy listening to some audios each day and to enjoy the rest of the day and evening in the Angelic Bridge of Light. It will be an amazing, uplifting divine experience and just as beautiful as if you were joining live.

Please Note: If you choose to listen to the recordings over a longer period of time, the Angels will be with you for each special session until you complete all 17 sessions, but your 48 hour Angelic Bridge experience will only anchor during the first 48 hours after you listen to the first session. We recommend that the quicker you listen or re-listen to your Angelic Retreat, the more powerful your contact or bridge with the Angels becomes.

Weekend Retreat Schedule

The 3 Teachers of The Divine University AmaYa Ma Kumara, Lelama Sjamar and Qala Sri’ama Phoenix will be your spiritual guides for receiving the visitations, enlightened blessings and divine energy infusions from Christ, Mary, The 7 Archangels and 17 different groups of Angelic Beings of Light.

You may receive this live in Mexico City or online in your own home, perhaps with some other beautiful souls. If you are receiving the retreat sessions via recordings at a later time, please receive all sessions in a 48 hour period, as this will ensure that the Angelic Bridge of Light anchors in your Home and Community.

It is important that you receive each of the sessions in the order they have been created and presented in the Schedule here. This will allow all teachings, healing, and frequencies to build with each session and support your upliftment throughout the retreat.

DAY 1 – Saturday May 6, 2023
9 am – 6 pm

Morning (9 am – 1 pm)

Session 1 – Welcome & Introduction to Retreat with AmaYa Ma Kumara

Session 2 – Connection with Angelic Higher Self and Relaxation with Lelama Sjamar

Session 3 – Opening your Bridge to the Angels with Qala Sri’ama Phoenix

Stillness with music (10 min)

Session 4 – Bridging the Angels to your Family with AmaYa Ma Kumara

Session 5 – Opening the Angelic Field in your Community with Lelama Sjamar

Afternoon (2.30 pm – 6 pm)

Session 6 – Understanding the Angels with Qala Phoenix

Session 7 – Blessing your Heart and your Family’s Relationships with AmaYa Kumara

Stillness with music (10 min)

Session 8 – Christ’s Blessing for your Life & Community with Lelama Sjamar

Session 9 – Opening your Personal Connection to the Angels with Qala Phoenix

DAY 2 – Sunday May 7, 2023
9 am – 5.30 pm

Morning (9 am – 12.30 pm)

Session 10 – Angelic Higher Self Connection and Deep Relaxation with AmaYa Kumara

Session 11 – Coming to a Deep Place of Peace with Qala Phoenix

Stillness with music (15 min)

Session 12 – Freeing Yourself with Mother Mary & the Angels with Lelama Sjamar

Session 13 – Blessing of your Family’s Heart with AmaYa Kumara

Afternoon (2 pm – 5.30 pm)

Session 14 – How the Angels can help you & your Family Regularly with Qala Phoenix

Session 15 – The Archangel & Angels’ Enlightened Blessing for your Body, Home, Land & Community with Lelama Sjamar

Stillness with music (10 min)

Session 16 – Pure Love Infusions with the Angels with AmaYa Kumara

Session 17 – Receiving the Angels & their Blessings Everyday in the Future with Qala Phoenix

Creating Our Bridge Of Light With The Angels

Early Bird before April 2
  • May 6 & 7 in Mexico City or Online Livestream
  • OPTION 2 - Online Livestream via Zoom (convert to your timezone)
    If you can't attend the livestream - there are on-demand replays via Zoom shared as soon as possible after each morning / afternoon section completes. Also MP3 audio recordings after the full event completes
  • Full price 2, 4 or 6 month payment plan available
  • Group discounts for online livestream available for 2+ people - scroll down to view

Group Registration for Livestream

Save on your registration when you register 2 or more people together:

Save US$100 – Register 2 people for US$500

Save US$300 – Register 3 people for US$600

Save US$400 – Register 4 people for US$800

Save US$500 – Register 5 people for US$1000

Save US$600 – Register 6 people for US$1200

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend you use the website to convert Mexico City date and time to your own time zone. You can use these preset links.



You will receive clear instructions by email on how to join Zoom Livestream 7 days prior to the start of the event. You will need a desktop or laptop computer or a smartphone/tablet to join the Online Livestream.

There will be Zoom replays available within 3 hours of each morning or afternoon session completing each day. The links to watch & listen will be emailed to you.

For any questions or more information please email The Divine University Events Team at:

For Online Livestream registration – up to 7 days before the event, you will receive a full refund. Within 7 days prior to the event, you will receive a full refund minus a $25 administration fee (per person if group registration).

For Mexico registration – If you are unable to attend in person, you can receive it via the online livestream, or via on-demand replay, or via MP3 recordings. If you still need to cancel, up to 7 days before the event, you will receive a full refund minus a $25 administration fee. Within 7 days prior to the event, you can only receive a $100 refund.

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