Global 'Full Moon' Meditation & Ceremony

May 5, 2023
Online Livestream or Mexico City

Receive a Unique, Profound, Sacred 3 hour Journey involving Meditation and Ceremony

Presented by AmaYa Ma Kumara, a Spiritual Teacher of The Divine University, with Buddha, Christ & The Holy Mother

Mexico City or
Online Livestream via Zoom
9 am - 12 pm CST


Join us for the Wesak Full Moon Meditation & Ceremony to Deepen your Spiritual Connection with God, The Enlightened Ones & Your Presence

In honor of your light, we invite you dear heart, to join us on the day of the Wesak full moon to be blessed and transported into the higher light planes with the Enlightened Masters and be washed by the immeasurable light of Source.

You are a precious gift to the Earth, and the Wesak Full Moon is the one day each year when the planets and moon align to allow your Spirit to travel into an enlightened portal to receive the highest possible volume of light for your life.

This pure light, as it washes through all of your being, shall grant you the higher consciousness to stay true to yourself and to your highest potential path over the next year. It shall give you the extra energy and courage you may need to continue to grow, stretch, give, receive and make new choices as you expand your horizons.

What is so Special and Unique about this Wesak Full Moon

You will join others from around the world and travel in meditation, transported by the Enlightened Ones to the sacred Wesak Valley of light near Mt Kailash, where you will join a Great Gathering of light beings, anchored in ceremony.

AmaYa Ma Kumara is a mountain of love, and with the gift of stillness, wisdom and strength, she will safely and lovingly guide you to experience the vastness and depth of your authentic spiritual connection.

You may find yourself raised into a state of Oneness, or feel like you are flying, expanding or drifting into a higher reality, and no longer experiencing the weight of the world.

Whilst you are held in this blessed state, the frequency will heighten to a crescendo at the peak of the full moon and the heavens will open, and light shall stream forth into our world. You will receive a sacred vial of Source Light, the grace of awakening and a wonderful reset for your life.

Beloved heart, you will be touched profoundly by the light and grace of God and the presence of Buddha as the whole of the Mother Earth is flooded with immense light and consecrated and renewed through the power of this unique Full Moon. Wesak Full Moon is a special time of completion and renewal spiritually, and marks the spiritual new year and the beginning of a new level of personal growth and development

We invite you dear heart, to receive this powerful gift of light so you may enter the new spiritual year in your higher alignment with an enhanced spiritual connection. Raising your vibration at this time of year blesses those yet to awaken, and empowers you to ground your greater service to our world.

There are Zoom replays if you are unable to attend live

Full Moon Meditation & Ceremony

May 5 – 9 am to 12 pm (Mexico City CST)

Session 1 – 9.00am to 10.30am


With Visitations and Divine Blessings of The Holy Mother, The Cherubim and Angels

AmaYa Ma Kumara will lovingly guide you to receive the divine visitations and blessings of the Holy Mother so you may integrate, liberate and feel complete with the last year of your life.

You will be deeply touched by the presence of the Holy Mother as she lifts you into your heart, to fully come into the ‘here now’ moment in preparation for the new spiritual year ahead, activated by the Global Full Moon Meditation and Ceremony.

Session 2 – 10.30am to 12pm


The Wesak Global Full Moon Ceremony is a 90 minute journey of traveling on the inner spiritual planes in deep meditation, joining with many other Souls and Presences for the live Ceremony with Buddha.

Our Recommendation for Receiving the Full Moon Blessings of Light

Beloved Heart, it is important to understand that if you wish to receive Buddha’s blessing in real time, you will need to be present live online at the scheduled time as the ceremony is a live yearly event with Buddha. If you are unable to attend the live ceremony, you will receive a prayer upon registration, which is a request to receive the grace of Buddha’s blessing if you know you will be asleep or at work or otherwise engaged during the actual time of this planetary ceremony. This prayer will need to be spoken before the peak of the full moon in your local time zone.

Buddha’s blessing can be received in its full potential up to 3 days after the Wesak Full Moon as it is co-created with the full moon frequencies. If you are unable to attend the livestream meditation and ceremony it is best to listen within this timeframe.

Important Additional Services 

When you register for the Wesak Full Moon Ceremony you will be contacted by email about the potential for anchoring The Divine University Pillar Of Light through your home or work space during the Full Moon Ceremony.

You will also be contacted by email after the Full Moon Ceremony completes, and invited to register for an Inner Plane Ashram Training with the Emissaries of Light, for one year.

These additional services are only available to those who register for the Wesak Full Moon Ceremony. All detailed information about these 2 services will be offered via email only, beloved heart.

Global Full Moon Meditation & Ceremony

Early Bird before April 2
  • May 5 (9 am to 12 pm CST - Mexico City)
  • OPTION 2 - Online Livestream via Zoom (convert to your timezone)
    If you can't attend the livestream - there are on-demand replays via Zoom and also MP3 audio recordings shared as soon as possible after the event completes
  • Also includes - Invitation to an Inner Plane Ashram Training for 1 year
  • Also includes - the potential for anchoring The Divine University Pillar Of Light through your home during the Full Moon Ceremony
  • Full price 2 month payment plan available

Frequently Asked Questions

You will receive clear instructions by email on how to join Zoom Livestream 7 days prior to the start of the event. You will need a desktop or laptop computer or a smartphone/tablet to join the Online Livestream.

There will be Zoom replays available within 3 hours of the meditation completing. The link to watch & listen will be emailed to you as soon as possible.

You can convert the date and start time to your personal timezone using this link.


If you want any help with converting the date / time please use our Contact Us page.

For any questions or more information please email The Divine University Events Team at:

For Online Livestream registration – up to 7 days before the event, you will receive a full refund. Within 7 days prior to the event, you can only receive a $10 refund.

For Mexico registration – If you are unable to attend in person, you can receive it via the online livestream, or via on-demand replay, or via MP3 recordings. If you still need to cancel, up to 7 days before the event, you will receive a full refund. Within 7 days prior to the event, you can only receive a $10 refund.

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