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Your Free Membership includes 1 round of our new Universal Healing service.

Over 12 weeks of receiving Universal Healing, greater balance between your mind, body, soul and spirit takes place, as heavy dense energies are lifted from your energy field to allow more of your natural energy to flow through your body and energy field.

The Divine University’s Universal Healing Team is empowered by the Divine Grace of many Angels and Archangels.

Each weekly Universal Healing session provides 3 hours of Divine Healing Infusions you receive as you rest or sleep, in the comfort of your own home.

The next round of 12 weekly Universal Healing Sessions will begin on May 3, 2023.

Once you have signed-up for your Free Membership, you will be sent a welcome email.

Then, 1 week before the Universal Healing energy transmissions begin, you will receive an email about how to prepare to receive these sacred sessions.

Once you have experienced this amazing support for 12 weeks, you may then wish to subscribe to a paid 2nd round of Universal Healing sessions with The Divine University. We will release more information about this in early 2023.

Your first 12 Universal Healing sessions are free, and offered to you as a gift from The Divine University as part of your Free Membership.

You can find out more about Universal Healing at this link.

We will be adding more to your Free Membership in 2023, and look forward to sharing this with you in the near future.

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The next round of 12 weekly Universal Healing sessions begins on May 3. Sign-up by May 2 (USA) to receive.

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