New Education

Our Teachers, Mentors and Emissaries

The Divine University Teachers are members of our Teacher Collective that collaborate to create and deliver New Education within The Divine University.

The Divine University Teachers carry unconditional love, wisdom and faith and belief in their fellow humanity and each soul’s ability to reach their highest potential. They offer divine teachings and infusions of higher energy in group sessions, on unique subject matters that create the advance of personal and spiritual development.

The Divine University Mentors are members of the El’Kumari Collective and graduates of The Divine University Mentor training, who have completed their studies in a one year School, and a two year Mentor training.

Mentors participate in council meetings in The Divine University and offer their service in nurturing and developing projects within The Divine University. They offer mentoring services/personal sessions for personal and spiritual development.

The Divine University Emissaries support The Divine University mission in a variety of ways including offering their service to support some of the projects in The Divine University.

Students will be able to enrol in the School of Grace and Healing and train as Emissaries in various studies that promote healing, well-being, self-transformation and consciousness expansion, through receiving a powerful form of divine grace.

Through their studies and personal transformation, Emissaries in training receive many tools, practices and teachings which they learn to use to support and bring grace to others in their family and communities.

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