Universal Healing


Improving your health, happiness and well-being can be supported by receiving our weekly sessions of Universal Healing

Universal Healing is complementary to all your other treatments

  • Universal Healing infuses your body, mind, soul, and spirit with universal healing energy while you rest or sleep in the comfort of your own home.
  • Universal Healing balances the energy of your physical body, mind, soul and spirit to restimulate the natural healing mechanism, a spiral force of energy within your physical body and energy system.
  • Universal Healing is an amazing complement and support to any medical treatments or well-being therapies.
  • Universal Healing can aid in your recovery from illness and assist in the rebalancing of any form of imbalance that takes you from your natural state of peace, well-being, health, happiness and wholeness.
  • Greater balance between your mind, body, soul and spirit, takes place as heavy dense energies are lifted from your energy field to allow more of your natural energy to flow through your body and energy field.
  • The Divine University’s Universal Healing Team is empowered by the Divine Grace of many Angels and Archangels.
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