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Frequently Asked Question for Universal Healing

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Universal Healings create a cumulative effect when you receive multiple sessions. Receiving all 12 healing sessions would provide a great benefit to you.

We offer 3 rounds of 12 Universal Healing Sessions each year, allowing everyone time to integrate the Healings between each new cycle.

Receiving Universal Healing Sessions through all 3 cycles during the year will optimize every healing you receive and bring the highest level of blessings, balance and healing support to create greater health, happiness, inner peace and well-being.

Your first 12 Universal Healing Sessions are offered as a free gift to you. This is our charitable service to humanity.

You don’t need to take special time out of your day to participate in this program. It is so simple to say the 1 minute prayer/affirmation to receive the Universal Healing before you rest or sleep. You will receive Universal Healing for 3 hours as you rest or sleep. Your Universal Healing session can be received anytime on Wednesday in your timezone.

If you are not at your home address on Wednesday this is 100% ok. The Angels will bring the Universal Healing energies to you wherever you may be.

All of our Universal Healing Sessions are a complementary form of support to accompany all forms of healing therapies, well-being therapies, integrated medicines, medical treatments, medications and hospital treatments.

Universal Healing enhances and supports any other treatment or healing through delivering natural infusions of healing energy, love, light into your field, body, mind, soul and spirit. Universal Healing simply gives you the extra energy your body, mind, soul and spirit needs for the natural healing mechanism inside of you to be reactivated.

The light and frequency offered through Universal Healing enhances all other medicines and healing to work more efficiently. It is not only safe but it enhances the efficiency. It is truly a complementary support system that is facilitated by the Angels and Archangels and your Divine Spirit.

If you have a long term issue, or illness, we recommend that you use the same request/intention for each of your universal healing sessions.

You can use the same request/intention for all healing sessions or you can change the healing request as many times as you wish. The more you use the same intention though, the deeper the healing will move through your soul, mind, body and spirit.

If you do not have a long term issue, you might like to ask for healing for what is currently showing up in your life. Just speak to the angelic teams all that is weighing heavy on your heart to be supported and released.

Universal Healing can create improvement in the energy levels of your whole being. When your energy levels shift into a higher state, your body, mind, soul and spirit can balance. This sometimes has the effect of releasing symptoms of illnesses completely and other times, it does not create remission from illness.

The Divine University does not promote and promise any results, cures or any form of permanent healing from our Universal Healing Sessions, as levels of improvement cannot be created purely through receiving healing energy infusions. We simply offer Universal Healing Sessions as a form of enhanced support. Your thoughts (conscious awareness) about your illness or state of being also have a powerful effect on all levels of improvement in your life.

The Divine University Universal Healing approach is based on wholeness. We recognise that you are a whole being and that your Soul is whole. Sometimes as a Soul you may have repressed feelings, repressed memories and have buried them inside your body. This is where you have emotions, feelings and energies that prevent you from experiencing your wholeness, fulfillment in living a holistic life.

The Universal Healing Team and Universal Healing Sessions do not heal you as they simply deliver the healing infusions through you so any potential for healing can take place. What you can do to support healing to occur, is change the way you think about your state of being and healing process. Positive thoughts about your body, mind, soul, spirit - your health and well-being can bring the greatest empowerment to your healing process. Negative thoughts about your health, well-being can block your receptivity to Healing.

Healing is your journey of returning to a state of balance and wholeness. We believe in your soul’s innate intelligence and the natural healing mechanism held within your physical body and energy field. The Divine University Universal Healing Sessions with the support of the Angels and Archangels, are just the conduit for all potential healing to take place more quickly, easily and powerfully.

Universal Healing sessions support one's current state of health and what is afflicting one presently. As a complementary service to all your other forms of treatment, therapy or medicines, it delivers healing energies into your being to empower healing but does not provide a cure.

Universal Healing is not a system of protection from any form of illness, bacteria or virus. It supports and enhances the natural healing process of your body, mind, soul, spirit if you do have illness or any form of imbalance, stress, tension, depression, worry and anxiety.

Many others say the Universal Healing Sessions are a very beautiful experience and feeling light and a field of light or glow around one’s being has been reported by others. This is the inner light of your beautiful soul opening up and expanding your higher vibration through the environment.

The Universal Healing frequencies can have this effect, and everyone’s Soul carries an immense amount of light inside, and when we receive enough love and healing energy, our Soul’s natural response is to expand our essence or personal vibration of light. The more you receive Universal Healing, the more your soul and heart will begin to open and share the beautiful energy of your heart with others.

It is not a regular experience, but can be possible for some people. Dreams are often a way to resolve inner issues or burdens you may carry unconsciously. If you have experienced strong dreams or challenging reactions during one of your healing sessions, it is a sign you are processing something deeply buried inside your subconscious that has been blocking the flow of your love, light and natural energy.

Unresolved memories may have been affecting your well-being up until now. Due to the depth of the blockage, as the Universal Healing energies move through you, you may experience a temporary reaction or slight disturbance that is unusual for you at first.

Do not be concerned, as a deeper healing process has now begun and the unconscious memories and energy blockages repressed over your lifetime, are now being lifted from you to aid in your rebalancing.

This will require just a few more Universal Healing Sessions before you experience all the wonderful benefits of this process. The Universal Healing Angelic and Archangelic teams are bringing love and different frequencies of light into your energy field to help lift the energy blockages layer by layer. By receiving more Universal Healings, you will find much will lift from you.

If this has occurred we recommend that you have at least 3 healing sessions before you decide if this is the right healing stream for you. Each session will be different and this most likely will not happen again and all other healings will be gentler and more grace filled.

The Divine University Universal Healings hold a potential to lift something within your being that has affected you over this whole life, something that you have not been able to shift before. We invite you to be gentle with yourself during this process. Just become aware of the subtleties shifts occurring within you and around you.

Your healing experience is purely catered to you in response to your true needs. If you require deeper levels of healing, you will receive deeper levels of electromagnetic energy through your field. Some of the healing frequencies you may need for the full balance of your being, can be powerful and as you receive them at first, it can feel like a heavy blanket placed around you cocooning you. It can even create you to feel like you cannot move temporarily.

This is a sign you are receiving the deepest level of healing into the core of your being and the cells of your physical body. Stronger electromagnetic energy infusions help you to release potentially deep subconscious energy blockages. This deeper level of healing is what your soul needs to support you to reactivate your experience of wholeness and well-being.

Everyone can have different experiences and different reactions when they receive Universal Healing Sessions. Every Soul is unique and receives healing in different ways, in response to your intentions, and true needs. All healing takes place in divine alignment to your own soul's development.

As you are a unique individual, it is always important to honor your personal healing journey and recognise it does not need to be the same as any other person’s. Just as you have had a whole lifetime of unique personal experiences, and you have your own way of being, doing, thinking, feeling, you will also receive the Universal Healing Sessions differently to others.

Healing energies can be very strong for some people, and for others, create a deeper sense of peace, clarity and lightness. Some people have greater sensitivity to feeling the healing frequencies as they enter the field, and body and can experience sensations. It may elevate their spirit, and emotions and cause them to feel love, bliss or joy. Receiving Universal Healing frequency more regularly can open up this level of sensitivity within your being so you can feel the frequencies powerfully.

If you do not feel strong energies or enter higher states, it does not mean the healing is not working. Ask yourself after you receive 4 Universal Healings, do I feel lighter or any sense of clarity or greater peace. If you say yes, the Universal Healings are working. Continue with them to enjoy the benefits powerfully. The more times you receive the Universal Healing Sessions, the greater the change in your state of being. Remember the Universal Healings are opening you to receive what your soul needs. We all need peace, greater clarity and to feel lighter to be happier.

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