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Becoming a member of The Divine University gifts you a wonderful opportunity to grow and both personally and spiritually develop your relationship with the Divine.

Our Free Membership offers 12 weeks of Universal Healing in the comfort of your own home.

This years second 12 weeks of Universal Healing is starting on May 3, to receive this please join as a free member by May 2 (USA).

New members joining after May 2 (USA) will be able to receive your free gift commencing on September 13.

Our Offerings

The Divine University is a universal bridge for humanity to contact their divine nature and the divine nature of our world.

The Divine University supports its members to consciously contact the Divine through various healings, teachings, and meditations.

The Divine University healings and new education powerfully shapeshift your perspectives, beliefs, thoughts, and feelings to create greater happiness, peace, and life enrichment.

Our New Education is based on your spiritual development. Your Spirit is the source of all your inspirations, higher life experiences and uplifting feelings and the state of your Spiritual nature directly impacts your state of mind, energy levels and physical experiences.

Receive Universal Healing

Universal Healing infuses your body, mind, soul, and spirit with universal healing energy while you rest or sleep in the comfort of your own home.

Your first 12 Universal Healing sessions are free and offered to you as a gift from The Divine University via our Free Membership.

Join by May 2 (USA)

The Elohim Gateway

Join the Planetary Service Team

Our Planetary Service mission is to build a Universal Gateway of Light on every continent in world service to our natural world.

Over the past 12 years hundreds have volunteered to build the Universal Gateways and join in Planetary Service Meditation Linkups for the purpose of Earth Healing. We are now opening this project to humanity.

New Education for Your Spiritual Development

Developing your spiritual connection creates greater connection within all areas of your life and raises your vibration and consciousness so you can see, perceive yourself and your life with new levels of positive empowerment, joy, unconditional love, and acceptance.

Upcoming Events in 2023

Angelic Blessings from the comfort of your own home

28 April to 4 May 2023

Join us once a day for 45 minutes, over 7 consecutive days to journey on The Angelic Wave of Light.

Wesak Full Moon Ceremony

5 May 2023

Join us for the Wesak Full Moon Ceremony to Deepen your Spiritual Connection with God, The Enlightened Ones & Your Presence

Your Bridge Of Light To The Angels

6 & 7 May 2023

A Bridge of Light of direct contact with the Angels will surround you and fill you with Angelic energy for 48 hours. While you walk, sit, rest and sleep.

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