Our Mission and Vision

The Divine University exists to support peace, greater balance on Earth and to inspire and support the spiritual empowerment of humanity for the fulfillment of their higher life purpose.

Deliver New Education

Deliver new education to members and students for the embodiment of the 7 Divine Principles of Enlightenment - Love, Wisdom, Divinity, Faith, Service, Communion and Charity and for the illumination of humanity's conscious, loving relationship with God Source and all of life.

Co-create a Divine Blueprint

Co-create a Divine Blueprint for new organization and management, based on new principles of governance.

Develop Universal Awareness

Promote the advancement of the consciousness and mind of humanity, to embrace the truth of life beyond the physical, for the purpose of developing Universal awareness.

Support Humanity's Higher Purpose

Support humanity upon their Spiritual Path of the Heart, to fulfill their higher purpose and live in divine relationship with the Earth and all forms of life as Loving Caretakers.

Support Humanity's Spiritual Path

Promote the higher purpose of spiritual connection with the Divine, and the development of consciousness within the three Spiritual Paths of Love, Wisdom and Presence, as a vehicle of enlightenment for humanity.

Empower the Heart of Humanity

Empower the heart of humanity and develop heart-based spiritual community by offering free membership services, spiritual development classes, divine assistance programs, and scholarships to students in financial need.

Create World Service Projects

Create World Service Projects and Universal Teachings, which benefit the Earth and humanity and liberate the source of imbalance or disharmony from individuals, their families and communities.

Build Universal Centers

Build Universal Centers of Peace and Sacred Sites, which align with the seven Divine Principles of Enlightenment and three primary Universal Laws - Grace, Abundance and Oneness, to provide spiritual services, Universal wisdom teachings and spiritual development to members, students and friends.

Higher Purpose & Vision of The Divine University

The Divine University is a bridge for humanity to contact the true nature of their soul and the power of transformation that initiates their highest potential future path and personal growth.

The Divine University provides love, higher vibrational frequency, grace and new education for humanity’s spiritual path of inner peace, higher awareness, transformation, creativity, fulfillment of life purpose and enlightenment. 

Energy Transformation is rapidly accelerated through the direct imprinting of higher vibrational frequency and higher consciousness into the energy structure, chakras, biology, brain chemistry, cells, and DNA of all who receive the teachings.

The Divine University is built from transmissional teachings, embedded with the miraculous assistance of The Angels, Archangels and The Enlightened, Holy Spirit, and from the Love, Wisdom, Divinity, Faith, Service, Communion and Charity of Humanity.

Members are encouraged to become students and may graduate through 1-7 levels of training to advance their consciousness, open their higher connection, experience inner transformation and embody their true purpose.

Our vision is to bless and connect many people to their hearts, divine energy and higher purpose so they may give their special puzzle piece and gifts of contribution to creating harmony, peace and great balance on earth

Reaching people worldwide through our membership, mentor services, and online digital library, we invite all people of all beliefs, religions, creeds to receive divine energy, grace, spiritual illumination and connection to the light within their being.

We envision people from all walks of life receiving divine energy and connection so they may live in their open heart and pay all they have received forward to others in their family and communities.

We envision building online digital platforms that deliver concentrations of higher energy within the transmission of new education, so they may reach adults and youth’s hearts and minds worldwide in multiple languages, including English, French & Spanish.

Our vision is to deliver new education, infused with divine assistance and spiritual empowerment to many individuals, families, communities in the world for the improvement of humanity’s life quality.

We envision our ambassadors and teachers traveling internationally as representatives of The Divine University, offering every individual they meet the opportunity to raise in vibration, open their hearts, ignite their inner light and receive the greater benefits of becoming members or students of The Divine University.

The Divine University Teachers, Mentors, Ambassadors & Emissaries will be engaged in research and development with students and members developing World Service Projects that benefit the Mother Earth, humanity and all kingdoms of the Earth

We shall initiate Universal Centers of Peace in different countries of the world, that support spiritual community, service, world meditations, and the birth of new education within The Divine University. The Universal Centers of Peace shall offer sessions, classes or seminars in accordance with their unique higher purpose and location

We envision building our campus for The Divine University in the United States of America with a large central temple seating 500 -1000 people, surrounded by administration buildings, teaching halls, classrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, as well as accommodations for 120 -150 people.

Each building holds a unique design which creates a specific higher vibrational resonant field that supports the function of higher levels of performance, physically, mentally and spiritually. The buildings shall be powered by advanced energy technologies to accelerate the students’ contact with their super-consciousness, their gifts of higher intelligence and creative & inventive genius.

Students shall be encouraged to advance their creativity, and human potential through project oriented learning or graduate level training.

The Divine University campus shall be built through the Principles of Love, Wisdom, Divinity, Faith, Service, Communion and Charity and offer classes, seminars, graduate trainings in developing mastery in the following 7 Streams of New Education.

  1. Grace & Healing
  2. Energy Science
  3. The Spiritual Arts & Shamanic Arts
  4. Transformative Business Management
  5. Self-Mastery & Super- Consciousness
  6. Research & Development of New Earth Technologies
  7. Enlightenment
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