Our 7 Guiding Principles

Love, Wisdom, Divinity, Faith, Service, Communion & Charity

These 7 Guiding Principles of The Divine University are the foundation stone for every thought and loving action we make through our service work within The Divine University.

They are the guiding principles of enlightenment offered to every member and student of The Divine University, as signposts for evolution upon their spiritual path.

The 7 Principles may be attuned to as a path of achieving life balance, or they may be grounded as 7 sacred pillars of divine consciousness to powerfully advance your personal and spiritual development, and assist your soul journeys life preparation for the afterlife.

Every aspect of your life, whether it is flowing and radiating light for you or creating you to awaken to a greater learning or whether it is feeling blocked, is a doorway to your remembrance of who you truly are as a soul. It is the first principle of your Divine Presence that is love in its pure form... unconditional in all of its nature towards you and unconditional in its love towards all parts of your life and what you do... unconditional in regards to all that you choose and all that you think, feel, believe or act upon, even when this does not serve you or others to be honoured and respected, beloved.

The first principle of love is the first principle we awaken to, and learn to embody in our lives here when our life path begins to open to our transformation, healing, and the journey of wholeness here. When love is embraced as the highest principle by you, you then always, before all else in your life, choose to resolve all to love before stepping forward on your path and continuing on your way. When love is the highest principle for you, your heart always stays open every day. The first principle of love and the embodiment of it through resolving all that occurs for you to love, keeps the doorway of your heart on the path of opening in life.

This invites you to always resolve situations with others in life that leave you with ill feeling, by simply forgiving and sending them love before you have left the journey with them. This allows you to always be able to embrace them and truly hug them from your heart with all of your love the next time you see them. Resolution creates the first principle of love to embody deeply in your life and is the first initiation of your God Consciousness and your divine path with the embodiment of your God Presence.

This principle illuminates every cell of your body with love and heals your greatest wounds or fears that create your sense of separation from others or the world here. It guides you to resolution through forgiveness in every moment, when it is embodied here. It is this embodiment of the first principle that creates wisdom to be received, and for you to be able to access the wisdom inside you.

Wisdom is the second guiding principle upon your path and it is your alignment to wisdom and the use of your energy and consciousness wisely that determines the flow of your love in life and its continuing flow through your life. It is the embodiment of the first principle of love through resolution that keeps your heart open, but it is wisdom that generates the love to flow from within and be shared with all beings equally and unconditionally. Wisdom is accessed through the embrace of the first principle and the embodiment of it in your daily life. Wisdom grows and begins to embody through you when you continue to live in accordance to the principle of love and always resolve all energy between you and others in life and all situations wisely, or with wise use of your energy.

As this takes place, your Divine Presence spiritually empowers you with the second principle of wisdom and you begin to embody it slowly. To embody it, you must give your trust to your heart daily and live in accordance to making choices that are based on love and your connection to your heart, which guides you to use your energy wisely. As all of your choices are formed from this place in life, your wisdom grows and the embodiment of your wisdom and this second divine principle takes place inside you. Your wisdom grows and your heart expands from this, and no longer just begins to stay open, but begins to grow larger and the wisdom within it begins to be accessed.

The principle of wisdom aligns your will to your Divine Presence and with each choice that you make based on love and your heart connection rather than fear and your illusions, ignites the wisdom within you to begin to be expressed and shared in your everyday reality. It is when you are sharing the wisdom with others and they begin to resonate with it, that you are truly beginning to embody the second principle of wisdom in your life and you are aligning your consciousness to this principle of God Consciousness. This expands your heart to grow larger and expands your pillar or Divine Connection to grow. This opens your connection to your divinity within yourself and to the beautiful gifts you hold that are aspects of your divinity.

The third principle of divinity is ignited within you are spiritually empowered by your Divine Presence as you walk your path daily and your actions, words and thoughts reflect the love and wisdom that you are accessing daily through your alignment to the first two principles. It is this that creates your divinity to flower and express itself deeply in life, which in turn creates radiant, divine experiences to begin to take place that bring joy to you in life. Honouring your divinity is important within this, but it is the expression of your divine gifts that are the aspects of your divinity that allow the embodiment of this principle to form in your life deeply.

Each time you allow your divine energy to be expressed, it comes in a gifted form to be shared with others in some way, or to create something of an expression of divinity for others to appreciate. When you are accessing this and allowing your gifts through, your divinity will be anchored as an embodiment through your energy field. This will allow others to see you and to know the divine in you more easily. It is the embodiment of love and wisdom that activates the embodiment of divinity. This is turn enlightens your heart to not only open and expand, but embrace the divine nature of all life, and brings to you the ability to see the divine in others as you meet them and this creates no judgement to take place, beloved.

It is the embodiment of the third principle that creates you to live a life without judgement of others and in the awareness that the beauty and divinity of life is ever-expressing itself through all aspects of life. This also creates you to have less preference and more objectivity and a higher overview of all that is occurring to you. It illuminates your consciousness to see through the eyes of God like you are a newborn baby, and to recognise that the love and wisdom are the highest principles of life, guiding all in life to move towards balance, peace and harmony.

As your heart opens, expands and ignites its sacred embrace of the divinity of all of life, it alleviates the feelings of suffering you may hold inside and what is known as the original memories of separation. It is this principle, as it embodies through you, that alleviates your personal suffering and supports you to bless others to be able to open their hearts, expand them and embrace the divine in life so their suffering may be alleviated also, beloved.

It is the embodiment of divinity that creates the embrace of all beings equally, and when this occurs, it ignites the fourth principle of faith to fill your mind, your soul, your body, your spirit and creates a greater conscious relationship with the oneness and the universal nature of life, the source of all creation that many call God Goddess. This fourth principle is more deeply, spiritually empowered through you as you embody the first three principles deeply enough to have alleviated your own personal suffering enough, and for you to have begun to view the world through wholeness and oneness rather than through suffering and separation. Faith is built in your being and begins to embody you each time you view the world as whole and one and divine and view your connection to it through wholistic healing and through a wholistic perspective.

The divine principle of faith is only deepened in your being when you give trust to the divine nature in all and begin to see the wholistic nature and oneness of all. Every action, word, thought and feeling that aligns to the perspective of wholeness, creates faith to be embodied by you. It is your embodiment of love, wisdom and divinity that creates faith to be anchored deeply inside you. It is faith that opens your energy to the greater Unified Field of life and creates synchronicities in your life to take place without the input of your creative energy. It is faith that aligns all parts of you that need love, wisdom and divinity so they may be healed more deeply and be able to open to receive this from your contact with God Goddess.

It is this divine principle that is built and anchored as you make love, wisdom and divinity your 1st three principles and priorities. It blesses your heart to not only open, expand and embrace all, but to begin to co-create with God the divine experiences for yourself and all others around you. It blesses and develops your connection to grow and expand and increase in its power, and beloved, your creation with God, your holy co-creation with all of life is empowered through you as you more deeply embody faith in your life.

As faith is embodied by you, your Divine Presence spiritually empowers you with the principle of service so that you may give back to all beings freely from your heart, that which you need to give back to balance all karma and all energy in the honouring of life and your oneness with all beings. The fifth principle of service is ignited within you when your heart opens, expands, embraces all, and holds faith that you will receive all you need through the journey of giving that which your heart calls you to give for the greater benefit of all beings.

The divine light and love and empowerment of your soul is enhanced through all planes and dimensions of your life that are invisible to you, when you follow your heart’s calling to give service freely in life and you place your time and energy and skills into something for the highest purpose of others in life. To give your time and energy to that which serves others more than it benefits you, is known as divine service if it is given freely from the heart and guided through the power of your heart.

The embodiment of this sacred principle in your life is so powerful that it aligns, heals, and brings the parts of you that are unable to be healed consciously by you, into the light. Service is the path of your holy freedom and this principle ignites your holy purpose in life. When you align to this fifth sacred principle, your own true purpose in life will be enlivened to birth, and to be spiritually empowered by your Divine Presence and you will begin to receive all you need to walk your sacred path and fulfil your holy purpose. It is this sacred act, over a large period of your life, that will enact your heart to not only open, expand and embrace all others and co-create with God, but also to receive the gifts God has for you in the spiritual planes, waiting as divine blessings for you.

It is your karma that blocks you from receiving these blessings prior to your alignment to the sacred principle of service as some things can only transform and heal through your art of giving in life, and it is service that begins this transformation beloved, and allows you to receive the highest blessings God holds for you in this life. It is your art of giving freely without wanting anything back for yourself that is the alignment to service that opens this for you. As you embody this principle, it will ignite the greatest blessings to flow back to you that you could not create in this life through your own energy or through your universal connection here, beloved. Only your path of service opens this to be received by you. This fifth principle, as you are ready to align to it, blesses you to begin to open to the sixth principle of communion.

The sixth principle is your communion with God/Great Spirit/Source/All That Is/The Oneness and your direct connection and experience of The Divine within your life. This sixth principle is empowered by your Divine Presence in your life when the 1st five principles are equally embodied enough and held by you as the highest principles in your life. The divine experience of meeting God is a holy experience that changes your consciousness permanently and enlightens it permanently. Each time you have communion with God, you are a little more enlightened than you previously were, and this is held permanently by you for your eternal life.

The sixth principle, when it is received in your life, will guide you to communing with God and this will lead your mind, soul, body and spirit to experience oneness with all beings, all aspects of life, and your holy purpose will fully activate as it is consecrated by the hand of God and the heart of God and the mind of God and the universal spirit known as God, merging through you and your life. The hand of God will touch others through your hands, your actions when this takes place, and the mind of God will move through your view of life as this takes place. You will see from God’s view and see all aspects of life as one. The body of God will merge through your body when this takes place and your body will feel as one. The depth of this journey will take you on the path of enlightenment as the sixth principle ignites the path of enlightenment for a soul.

All that stands in your way to living a life in surrender to God’s presence, will be invited to be released when this takes place. All of your ego will be invited to return to the heart of God when this takes place. The journey of receiving the sixth principle in your life creates the ego-less nature of your life. As you learn to receive communion with God, you are learning to live in an ego-less state and this calls you to have no preference and to have no need to use your will before God’s will is shown to you in life.

To live in this way, where your will is only used once you have been shown God’s will for you, is to embody the sixth principle of communion in life. This creates you to live a blessed life where all is brought to you by the hand of God and there is no need to have to struggle with anything in life. It is a state of complete surrender and as your Divine Presence brings this principle to you, it will take you a great deal of learning to completely surrender your will.

It is this surrender that ignites not only the opening of your heart and the expansion and embrace of all through it, the co-creation with God and the receiving of gifts from God, but also creates your heart to express God’s love purely through you. God’s love is the power that opens all soul’s hearts and unites all beings to feel the oneness and the love within themselves and others around them. The sixth principle opens you to become a vessel to share in God’s love.

This sacred act of sharing God’s love ignites the seventh principle of charity to birth through you to enable you to see through God’s eyes and see what people and the world truly need to receive. To feel the depth of love, and to give this to those in need, is the charitable act of the charitable heart that births through the seventh principle. It is this seventh principle that will guide you to not only receive God’s gifts and be a co-creator with God and share God’s love, but also to do the work of God. God’s work is charitable in nature and is offered through the charitable heart of God’s love opening and expressing what is needed by all beings and bringing this to them through charitable acts of love. The charitable acts of love that are guided directly by God through your heart, are the actions that create the embodiment of charity in your life, and create the seventh principle to bring wholeness and fulfilment to your path with God in life.

To be blessed by God’s love and the first six principles, leads a soul only to be able to give and give and give and give, and continue to give and give and give, but to embody the giving heart and the charity that allows all to be given to those who truly need it in life so they may also open their hearts. This path of opening to the seven principles in your life and birthing each principle a little more towards the next one, forms a sacred circle of evolution for you. It is this circle of the seven principles that ignites God consciousness within you.

The seventh principle of charity opens your heart to the next level of your being, that you would otherwise be unable to open to unless you were truly charitable and allowed God’s love to guide you. It is this embodiment of charity and the commitment to all these guiding principles that enables you to embody your God Presence in life. Your God Presence is your God consciousness in an embodied state. It is the experience of God and the actions of God generating through you that are the expression of your God consciousness.

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