About The Divine University

The Divine University is a New Education and World Service Organization that is created and nurtured by a beautiful collective of spiritual teachers, mentors and emissaries who share their gifts in loving service to Mother Earth, humanity and all beings. The Divine University exists to support peace, greater balance on Earth, and to inspire and support the spiritual empowerment of humanity for the fulfillment of their higher life purpose.

As the primary focus, The Divine University offers Planetary Service, World Charitable Service and New Education in many forms to raise the consciousness of humanity and create balance between all life on Earth. The Planetary Service project was started many years ago as a caretakership of the earth, it provides healing and balance in our natural world through the building of Universal Gateways on different continents. 

Mentors and Emissaries of The Divine University are committed in service as they offer long distance Universal Healing to improve the wellbeing of people throughout the world. New Education offerings from The Divine University are facilitated through the higher consciousness connection of spiritual teachers, and all students are lovingly supported to develop their spiritual connection, raise their vibration and expand their consciousness.

All education, services and creations from The Divine University follow the Divine Principles of Enlightenment – Love, Wisdom, Divinity, Faith, Service, Communion and Charity as these principles illuminate our conscious loving relationship with God Source and all life. As people become heart-centered and deepen their spiritual connection with the Divine, they will experience liberation and be empowered to create peace, joy, and fulfillment in their lives that further blesses their families, communities and the world.

The Divine University is registered as a non-profit in the United States. Presently supporting people worldwide as an online Divine University. In the near future, services and education will be offered through physical Universal Peace Centers with the long term vision of building a campus for The Divine University students, members and emissaries.

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