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Qala Sri’ama Phoenix

Qala Sri'ama Phoenix
Qala Sri'ama Phoenix

Opening Our Spiritual Eyes is a journey of faith, beauty, and unconditional love, and a testament to our trust in the development of the holy sacrament we hold as a collective—humanity’s caretaker-ship of the Earth. This journey can no longer be avoided by those in slumber, for it is the time of awakening.

Every second, someone is seeding the light on Earth. This is awakening our collective to become aware that life is sacred here and needs to be respected through all our actions, words, and intentions. Mother Earth can no longer wait. It is her time to be fully blessed and protected.

The children of our Earth are calling out to us as adults to remember the truth of who we are so we may take the necessary steps to no longer simply allow that which is not serving our growth to take place in our lives.

Simultaneously, we are reminded every day—through simply experiencing our world and the parallel realities occurring in the lives of our friends, neighbours, and families—that we are one, and that together we are either creating karma or transforming that which is not serving our lives and our world to be at peace.

Pockets of brilliant, radiant, and glowing human beings are forming around the Earth, each having made the decision to love and transform all and to no longer place their energy into the creation of karma.

They have each promised to seed the light into all they are doing, thinking, feeling, and creating, working consciously with the universal laws of love, grace, oneness, divinity, karma, forgiveness, and liberty in service to all beings. They are each taking responsibility for their karma.

Becoming aware that we are all ready for our next step in evolution and choosing to hold this truth within our consciousness for all other beings—those we hear about, meet, or see in need of assistance—is truly an amazing gift, called ‘faith in our fellow humanity’.

If you resonate in your heart and feel a calling to shift more deeply into your heart or activate your greater service in the world, we welcome you to join us in the Divine University. We will hold the principles of love, wisdom, divinity, faith, service, communion, and charity with you.
We will hold the belief and faith in you.

Mother Earth is inviting each one of us to understand and recognize the faith she holds in every single member of our society. The continual abundance she produces through the food on our tables, the beauty of her nature, the kindness of her warmth, and the coolness of her breath is a testament to her unconditional love for each one of us.

Life is very simple through the spiritual eyes of Mother Earth.

— Those in need are to be given to

 Those with abundance are to share

 Those with fear are to be held closer to our hearts

 Those in power are to be wise and humble in all they choose for the greater good of all

 Those in love are to spread their wings and ignite this love in all who carry sadness in our world

 Those in pain are to surrender so they may receive and be assisted to heal their deepest fear and come into a state of peace

 Those in good fortune are to be thankful and to support others of lesser fortune

 Those in a state of grace are to let the blessings flow abundantly through them, to fill others with grace

 Those in peace are to anchor the light and truth for all others on Earth.

 Those in happiness are to help others believe and have faith in themselves.

 Those in oneness and bliss are to heal the sick.

 Those who have strength are to carry on their backs, all others that cannot yet stand on their own two feet

 Those with intelligence are to use it wisely to build a new society based on peace

 Those with compassion are to hold the hands of the new children as they walk into the new world

 Those with worries or doubts are to pray for the blessings for all beings in our world

Excerpt from “Opening our Spiritual Eyes”
by Sri’ama Qala Phoenix 

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