Planetary Service

Higher Purpose

Why is this Planetary Service Project so Important?

Mother Earth’s sacred sites store and deliver essential energy through the continental energy lines for the sustenance of all life on Earth.

Sacred sites are essential to the future of Life on Earth. They enliven the biome and balance of life in our oceans, rivers, forests, grasslands, mountains, valleys, tundra, canyons, and deserts. Our natural habitats provide us our life breath.

The continental energy lines carry the energy between the higher and lower regions of the earth, connecting ecosystems and natural habitats worldwide.

Destruction of sacred sites and ecosystems breaks the continental energy lines and directly affects the flow of energy within the earth between the higher and lower lands, such as the mountains, rivers and oceans, and therefore their inhabitants.

Our Planetary Service Project of building Universal Gateways supports the repair of the continental energy lines, restoration of sacred sites and healing of the earth spirit that flows through the continental energy lines within the Earth.

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