Planetary Service

Your Legacy for the Earth

Building A Legacy For The Earth And The Future Generations Requires Time And Resources

We invite you to create a profound legacy for the Earth with us. To make a lasting impact on the world, volunteers work together over many years in the building of the first few stages of a Universal Gateway.

For this to occur, US$40.000 are required for the purchase of the essential raw materials and transportation costs. Further upgrades over the rest of the 20 year project require extra funding of US$100.000.

Give back to Mother Earth

All your donations, small and large, are welcome.

Bless Your Family and the Earth

Donations of US$3,000 or more, offer you the blessing of a Sacred Unamu, New Earth Healing Technology, being buried in your family’s name, accompanied by sacred Prayer Scrolls for the blessing of your family.

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We Thank You with All Our Hearts

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